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Commercial Property Flower Garden Competition

Prize Sponsor - Twin Shores Camping Area

Provincial Prizes:

First Prize:        $200.00

Second Prize:  $150.00

Third Prize:       $100.00

Commercial properties, such as but not limited to:  office buildings, tourist operations, golf courses etc. must be in rural PEI (excluding Charlottetown & Summerside). Entries in the Commercial Flower Garden Competition are not eligible to enter the Homeowner’s Flower Garden Competition. Judging will commence after July 22, 2022.

Entry deadline – June 30, 2022

Criteria for judging & Scoring:

• Overall appearance and curb appeal  300 points
• Landscaping to provide a suitable background for the gardens such as trees, fences, shrubs, etc.  150 points
• Continuity of blooms provided by shrubs, early and late blooming
annuals and perennials  150 points
• Healthy growth of plants and blooms  150 points
• Free from weeds, removal of spent blooms, stems of plants, trimming, etc.   200 points

• Variety of flowers  150 points

• Design or arrangement of planting and harmony of colours   150 points

• Landscaping illumination  50 points

• Sign design and attractiveness  50 points
• Flag flying  50 points

Total Possible Points:  1400 points

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