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Community Improvement Competition

Provincial Prizes:

First Prize:         $300.00

Second Prize:   $250.00

Third Prize:        $200.00

The Community Improvement Competition involves any exterior improvement to either community, businesses or privately-owned properties which enhance the beauty of the community.  Open to every community in rural PEI excluding Charlottetown and Summerside. The Community Improvement Competition can be sponsored by any organization, i.e., Women's Institutes, Lions Clubs, 4-H Clubs, Church Groups, Canadian Legion Branches, Municipalities, etc.


Entry Rules:

A list of improvements you plan to make must accompany the entry form.  Photographs before the improvements commence, must accompany the entry or they can be emailed to Glenn Holmes: All photographs will become the property of the Prince Edward Island Rural Beautification Society. This competition is for communities in Rural PEI (excluding Charlottetown & Summerside).  Improvements must be completed by September 01, 2023. Judging will commence after September 01, 2023.

Entry deadline – June 30, 2023

Criteria for judging & Scoring:

• Improvements and general maintenance to community owned buildings and properties 300 points

• Litter and garbage control; free of litter in ditches and roadside to reduce littering by birds, rodents, etc.  100 points
• Effectiveness in reducing the number of unsightly buildings  100 points

• Encourage planting of trees, shrubs and maintenance of existing trees and shrubs 100 points

• Identification of properties using good signage  200 points
• Addition of flowers (gardens & planters)  200 points

• General improvements including community entrance signage which can include the logo of the organization entering competition  150 points
• Canadian/Provincial flag displayed  50 points
• Other projects which will have a lasting appeal to both residents and tourists  150 points

 Total Possible Points:   1350 points

*Reminder: Photographs of the property before commencing improvements are required.

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