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Potato Farm/Warehouse Exterior Signage Competition

Sponsor - PEI Potato Board

Provincial Prizes:

First Prize:        $300.00

Second Prize:  $200.00

Third Prize:       $100.00


This competition is open to all Potato Farm/Warehouses located in Rural PEI (excluding Charlottetown & Summerside). Judges will evaluate the overall appearance of the potato farm property, including the attractiveness of the exterior identification of the property. Signs may be at the roadside and/or attached to the structures on the property. Signage must be well maintained and in good repair. The addition of gardens, landscaping and similar attributes that add to the overall appeal of the signage will be considered. Materials used can be wood, metal, brick, stone, or any other similar materials.

Judging will commence after September 1, 2022.

Entry deadline – June 30, 2022

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