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Farm Home Improvement Competition

Provincial Prizes:

First Prize:        $1,000.00

Second Prize:    $600.00

Third Prize:         $400.00


Open to all farm home properties that have recently completed renovations. A list of renovations you intend to make and/or have completed, must accompany the entry form. Photographs of the property prior to renovations commencing must accompany the entry form or they can be emailed to Glenn Holmes All pictures will become the property of the Prince Edward Island Rural Beautification Society. All renovations must be completed by September 1, 2024. Judging will commence after September 1, 2024. If your renovations are delayed, contact Glenn Holmes to request your judging be deferred until the following year.

Entry in the Farm Home Improvement Competition is open to those living on a “Farm Property” (Home and Farm Buildings) which is established on a minimum of ten acres of land. Properties must be located in rural PEI (excluding Charlottetown & Summerside). Improvements to additional exterior structures such as (barns, sheds, storage buildings etc.) will be recognized, but improvements to the farm home are required. The winner of the Farm Home Improvement Competition in 2023 is not eligible to enter this year.

Entry deadline – June 30, 2024

Criteria for judging & Scoring:

• Overall appearance and curb appeal   350 points

• Painting - all structures   150 points
• Protection and care of existing trees and/or planting of new ones  150 points
• Improvement in/or planting of shrubs, hedges on property  100 points

• Removal of buildings, dead trees, weeds, litter, etc.   100 points

• Fences around buildings   100 points

• Lawn maintenance  100 points
• Flowers  100 points
• Improvements to the entrance of property including driveway  100 points
• Provision of suitable lighting of gateways, lanes and yards  50 points
• Free of litter on highway frontage with grass trimmed  100 points
• Overall appearance and curb appeal   300 points
• Canadian/Provincial flag displayed  50 points
• Signs, mailbox and Civic number where applicable  50 points

 Total Possible Points:  1800 points

*Reminder: Photographs of the property before commencing improvements are required.

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