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Mailbox/Home Identification Competition

Provincial Prizes:

First Prize:        $150.00

Second Prize:  $100.00

Third Prize:       $75.00


A mailbox and/or signage with the purpose of identifying a property/ residence which is located in
rural PEI (excluding Charlottetown & Summerside). Judging will commence after July 21, 2024.

Entry deadline – June 30, 2024

Criteria for judging & Scoring:

• Where a resident roadside mailbox applies, it should meet Canada Post regulations  150 points
• An attractive property identification which includes Civic number, which
must be legible from the street or highway  150 points

• Improvement in the appearance to the property entrance from the highway without obstructing view onto highway or street. Landscaping, the addition of flowers, planters and other attractive and creative materials should be used to add to the overall appearance/curb appeal  300 points

Total Possible Points:  600 points

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