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Reuse - Recycle - Repurpose Competition

Provincial Prizes:

First Prize:        $400.00

Second Prize:  $250.00

Third Prize:       $100.00


PEI’s Waste Watch Program has helped protect our beautiful environment by diverting thousands of tons of material from final disposal. Years ago, along the countryside, it was common to come across one of many rural dumpsites where folks discarded old farm equipment, furniture, and antiques without giving a second thought to any environmental harm. Through Waste Watch, resources are separated from waste and given a new life either as recycled product, or as compost used for agricultural purposes. This is a big accomplishment for such a small province. Today, we all have a better understanding and commitment to preserve the environment. We also have the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle while contributing to the picturesque and unique charm which dots our Island landscape. Tell us about the special projects you’re working on that help sustain or give back to our environment. Suggestions include but are not limited to:

  • Repurposing materials otherwise destined for disposal to build gardens, decor, backyard composter, fencing, etc.

  • Salvaging old building material, cleaning and/or restoring it, then utilizing for exterior renovations or outbuildings, etc.

Using some new material is acceptable but using mostly/all recycled (repurposed) components is the intent of this competition. For the judges to appreciate all your efforts, photos of your project before you start, must accompany the entry form or they can be emailed to:
Also, please tell us about your project and where it is located on your property. Judges will visit your property after September 1, 2024, to review and inspect your final project. Open to residents of Rural PEI (excluding Charlottetown & Summerside).

Entry deadline – June 30, 2024
Below is a small list of items that could be re-used to create something creative and unique:
wooden pallets, BBQs, farm equipment/tools, milk cans, old/broken furniture, bed frames, glass bottles, picture frames, tin cans (all shapes/sizes), bathtub, tires, child’s wagon, barn boards, light fixtures, wooden bushels/baskets, wagon wheels, windows/doors, storage bins, etc.
The only limitation is your imagination!
All entries in the Reuse-Recycle-Repurpose competition will be subject to a random inspection by IWMC to confirm Waste Watch sorting principles are demonstrated. Homes and/or businesses in non-compliance will be disqualified from awards in this category.
Visit the IWMC website for more information and sorting guidelines:


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