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Blooming Garden

Natural Beauty and Preservation Award

In memory of G. Keith & Jean Pickard, F.R.A.I.C., for their outstanding leadership in the
protection and enhancement of the rural landscape of Prince Edward Island.
Prize Donated by The Family of Keith & Jean Pickard


A special Recognition Award may be made for Natural Beauty and Preservation where an entry in the various competitions has been considered to place a strong emphasis in careful blending of the home and/or buildings in order to preserve the natural aesthetic value of the area. This could mean little disruption of the natural landscape, utilizing or creating natural features such as ponds, streams, swamps/bogs, wooded areas, sand dunes, rocks and/or the use of natural materials such as Island stone, wood, bark, native plant material, etc.
All entries in the various classes of the competition will be considered for this award. If a property entered in a competition(s) listed on page 1, even though a non-winner, strongly emphasizes the preservation of Natural Beauty, the judges may grant a special award to be known as the “Natural Beauty and Preservation Award”.

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